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   My mother would not take me anymore, but she went regularly from Bonn to Andernach every two weeks what was a considerable journey in these days. She had a very difficult time, a very unhappy life altogether because first of all she survived the First World War what was quite traumatic, many people were killed. Then she married my father and they had a very very happy marriage for very few years. They married in 1924, I was born in 1926, and he was permanently hospitalized from 1930 on.

   My father died under not declared circumstances in Andernach in 1940, it might have been... As soon as he died my mother started to think how she could get out of Germany. She managed to get out of Germany in 1941. She went to Spain, and she had a very poor existence there. It was very difficult to come to England. But after the war she managed in 1947 to come to England. She survived in Spain and came to England, but then she committed suicide some years later.
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Adolph Appel and Friederike Appel, née Herz, 1920s

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