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I am a girl from Cologne

   Last week I went to the Holocaust Survivors Centre. They had a big tea party there. A woman who works there came to me and said: “Here’s a man who comes from Cologne. May I introduce you?” So I said: “Yes, of course”. The man, an old man - he was at the Yavneh – said, “Oh, a girl from Cologne”. The man held my hand the whole time. We spoke German. He said, “This is just what I need. This is just what I need.” He comes from South Africa. He was at the Lützowstraße School too. And then I asked, “Which teacher did you use to have?” He said, “Miss Schloss”. I said, “Well then you were even younger than me!” Miss Schloss, Grünebaum, he could remember all the teachers. And he didn’t want to let go of me. The man was so happy. So happy to meet a girl from Cologne. A girl from Cologne... we may be getting old, but that's still the first thing I think about myself. I always think I am a ‘Kölsch Mädchen’, a girl from Cologne.

Henny Franks 2010, London

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